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Based in Spiddal, Salthill & at her new studio in Moycullen

Yoga , Fitness, Breathwork, Meditation & Pilates classes

Prenatal,  Postnatal & Birth Preparation classes

Yoga Teacher Training & Wellness Retreats

"Breathing & Moving well are essential for living a healthy life, they are constant components to life, yet most of us do not pay attention to how we breathe or move, until we are in pain. Noticing how you breathe and move can indicate what is happening in our bodies and minds at that time. If we pay more attention to how we breathe & how we move, we can create total harmony in our bodies and minds. This is why I teach, to guide you & give you the tools to breathe & move better so you can create overall wellbeing in your own body."
 Sinéad Mc Kiernan