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Sinéad had been practicing Yoga for over ten years. She has completed her initial teacher training ( 200hr ) in India and another advance training ( 300hr) in Greece along with extra training with some of the worlds best Yoga teachers. She has over 1000hours of training done & provides YACEP continuing edecuation courses for Yoga teachers & has set up a Yoga teacher training school Little Buddha Yoga TTC.

She has trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation & Pre&Post natal.

She has been teaching full time for over five years and has taught over 4000 hours of Yoga. She dedicates every day to practicing and studying Yoga so she can share her knowledge and skills to her students online and in classes, workshops and retreats. Sinéad has always been a little Yogini, choosing to sleep with no curtains as a child because she wanted to see the moon. She learned more than any book or training could teach when she became crippled with Panic disorder and Exhaustion which developed into Agoraphobia. She instinctively knew that she needed to listen to her body and so she began a very long road to healing. This is where she truly learned to tune in, listen to her body, she discovered her breath and she exercised awareness as a muscle that became stronger until she regained full health.

“Through Yoga, we are becoming more aware of our body, our breath, our thoughts and therefore we invite more sensitivity into our everyday actions and words. Yoga has the power to transform our lives, if we let it. We already have all the power within, all we need to do is learn the tools to delve in and discover how to harness it. We then take on a magical journey into our true spirit, all of the other nonsense falls away and we become healthier, happier and more balanced beings. The goal of our Yoga practice is not to be the best at Handstand, it is to discover ourselves, to fall in love with ourselves, to find out who we really are and why we are here, to be the best versions of ourselves. Our asana practice empowers us to be who we are and do what we love with strength, confidence and passion ”

Sinéad , LoveYoga.eu

Through her classes, Sinéad wishes to guide students to harness the power of their own minds and access their own inner wisdom in a lighthearted, fun and compassionate way.




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      Cancellation Policy

When you purchase a course of classes, your space is held at that class for you, so it can`t be sold to anyone else. If you can`t make the class, you can offer it to a friend but you do not get refunded. I will try my best to offer you a space at another class if there is any availability.

If you have booked a private class with me, there is a 24 hour cancellation policy, which means if you can`t make it and cancel 24 hours before the class, we can reschedule another but if not, you will lose that session. I will try to accommodate you with a space at a group class if that happens.

With events, retreats, trainings, there is a one week cancellation policy. If you cancel within that week you lose your deposit of that booking but in some cases it can be transferred to another event.